CrossFit Prospect Heights




A CrossFit gym dedicated to building proper awareness of body movement, positioning, performance and strength in the Prospect Heights Community.

Who Are We?

Our mission is to raise the awareness of physical fitness, mental well-being and teamwork thru the sport of Fitness. Each member of our gym is a unique part of the team, building each other, pushing each other daily to look better and feel better.

It is this synergy of teamwork and technical mentoring in movement that crosses over into their day to day outside of the gym. Mental focus is increased, strangers realize they are neighbors, strength is gained mentally and physically and neighbors become friends.

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As a reserved person, I don't typically thrive in a gym environment, but the small classes and welcoming dispositions of the coaches keeps me coming back. A great community.

- Google Reviewer Theresa

The community is very welcoming as strangers quickly become friends. Showing up for class is one of the best parts of my day.

- Google Reviewer Nick

During my pregnancy the coaches tailored the WODS for me so they were challenging yet achievable. And, after my baby they helped to get back in shape quickly. I recommend this gym to anyone interested in staying in shape while having fun!

- Google Reviewer Flo

I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone of any age, any level of fitness. The CFPH team will get you on track in a way that's sustainable and right for your needs and abilities.

- Google Reviewer Kylie

Very supportive environment from both coaches and other members. As member for almost 2 years, this place is singlehandedly responsible for making me a Crossfit convert. A true neighborhood institution.

- Google Reviewer Peter

I tried 5 CrossFit gyms in the NYC/Brooklyn area before finding CrossFit Prospect Heights, and after my first wod I knew I'd found my new home! It's a welcoming, tight-knit community with down-to-earth, highly skilled coaches.

- Google Reviewer Shelby

I can't recommend this place enough! As a beginner a few months ago I was unsure I would be able to keep up! Under the watchful eyes of the knowledgeable and thoughtful coaches- my safety and improvement always feels assured.

- Google Reviewer Rachel

Crossfit PH has been one of our favorite places in the neighborhood for nearly 3 years. The coaches know and take care of every member, and have created a true community.

- Google Reviewer Rachel