Monday’s WOD

By maillard | February 4, 2019 | Comments Off on Monday’s WOD

2/4Monday SkillHSPU 5 min to establish a working scaleTHENEMOM for 8 Minutes5 strict HSPU WOD4 RoundsRow 200m10 Push Press (95/65)5 Strict Pull Ups (5 kneeling pull ups or 10 ring rows)3 Burpees EMOM

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Sunday’s WOD

By maillard | February 3, 2019 | Comments Off on Sunday’s WOD

2/3SundaySkillMax load single arm carry3x100ftWork to the heaviest possible single arm carry for each arm for 100ft. WOD4×3 minute AMRAP1 minute rest between4 Lateral bar burpees6 Hang Power Clean (95/65)8 Front Rack Lunges10 v ups

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Saturday’s WOD

By maillard | February 2, 2019 | Comments Off on Saturday’s WOD

SkillNONE Partner WODA little ditty about Jackie and Diane3 RoundsRow 1000m50 Thrusters (55/45)20 pull upsTHEN3 Rounds15 Partner deadlift (See Below)15 Syncro HSPU

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Friday’s WOD

By maillard | February 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Friday’s WOD

SkillBench Press5,5,536,45,54%% is of 1RM for that movement, WODTriple Alt Tabata (24rounds)a. Double Underb. Toes to barc. Alt. DB Snatch (50/35)

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Thursday’s WOD

By maillard | January 31, 2019 | Comments Off on Thursday’s WOD

WODFor Time50  Burpees to 6″ target100 Russian KBS (53/35)50 Burpees to a 6″ target100 Walking KB lunges (53/35)50 Burpees to a 6″ target100 Suitcase Deadlifts (53/35)switch hands every 10 reps50 Burpees to a 6″ target

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Wednesday’s WOD

By maillard | January 30, 2019 | Comments Off on Wednesday’s WOD

SkillDeadlift5,5,536,45,54%% is of 1RM for that movement, WODAMRAP in 16 minutes10 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)8 Box Jumps (30/20)6 Pull Ups

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Tuesday’s WOD

By maillard | January 29, 2019 | Comments Off on Tuesday’s WOD

SkillSnatch4,4,4,4,4,4Increase each set as able, Work to a heavy set for the day over 6 sets WODFor TIme100 Double Unders50 Wall Balls50 Abmat Situps80 Double unders40 Wall Balls40 Abmat situps60 Double Unders 30 Wall Balls30 Abmat situps

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