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Lisa Luna

Name: Lisa Luna Hometown: I wasn’t born in Chicago but I spent 32 years there so I call it home. Age: 55 Job: Ultrasound tech specializing in ob/gyn for 19 years CrossFitting since: July 2016 Favorite WOD or movement: I don’t so much have a favorite WOD, but I like the high cardio chipper WODs…

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Jordan Slocum

Name: Jordan “23” Slocum Hometown: Las Vega$ Age: 35 Occupation: Project Director, Ample Hills Creamery; part-time food tour guide in Nolita CrossFitting since: July 2015 Favorite WOD or movement: Deadlifts or handstand push-ups all the way! Least favorite WOD or movement: Burpees What music do you prefer to work out to? Rhianna (or Cardi B…

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WOD- Wednesday

20 Minutes Pause Snatch from the High Hang- work heavy sets of 1 Post: 20 Wall Walks for quality  

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