About Us

Our goal at CrossFit Prospect Heights is to provide our members with the best coaching and programming we can. Our coaches have dedicated their lives to the constant study of body movement, strength and conditioning.

In true CrossFit fashion, our Programming is broad, varied and inclusive.

Our programming is designed for you to attend our classes in any combination of days and still see benefits. As you grow as a CrossFitter you will develop a personal program and a routine of attending classes through the week.

Keep in mind that rest days are just as important as the days you do CrossFit. Your rest day should be used for recovery, replenishment, mobility and/or massage. It is important to balance the stress load of workouts by taking regular and scheduled rest days. Don’t wait until you are physically and mentally exhausted to take a day off.


There seems to be a strong sense of community there as well, with members greeting each other, introducing themselves.

- Facebook Reviewer Erin

If I could give this place 6 stars, I would. Everyone at this box was super welcoming.

- Facebook Reviewer Anne

No CF gym will spend as much time on stretching and preparing your body for the workout than CFPH.

- Facebook ReviewerGraham

Great staff, always coaching And motivating the students doing the WOD.

- Facebook Reviewer Alphansa

I was wary of the "cult of crossfit", but these guys changed my attitude completely. The coaches really care about everyone's performance AND everyone's health. Changed my life. A++

- Facebook Reviewer Erik

The coaches and community truly inspire, challenge and encourage you to do more, and do better every day. I’ve never seen a group care so much.

- Facebook Reviewer Whitney

This box is truly the definition of a community - the coaches are awesome and incredibly inclusive, they make sure each person who enters the gym is noticed, which is hard to find in NYC.

- Facebook Reviewer Tay