Rowing Progression

  1. Erg Set up
  2. 10 pulls half legs: focus on finding chain engagement and keeping the handle and the seat the same distance apart NO ARMS!
  3. 10 pulls Full legs: focus on keeping the shoulders forward, no hip extension, handle and seat same distance . NO ARMS!
  4. 10 pulls Full legs with hip extension: Focus on a full drive through the legs finishing with a slight lean back , STILL NO ARMS!
  5. 10 Pulls Full Legs with hip extension and pull to chest (pause at chest): emphasize full extension of the legs and hips, finishing with the handle in contact at the chest and pausing in this position
  6. 10 strokes with immediate reset into recovery position: Emphasize all of the other steps except the arms will immediately straighten to recovery after making contact with the chest. Emphasize a pause in this position before bending the knees into the next stroke.
  7. 100m row focusing on building speed while hitting all of the positions
    8.Rest 30s
  8. 100m row sprint
  9. 1 min rest before beginning WOD
    This is a good resource for the first part of the rowing progression

  10. WOD
    Rowing interval pyramid:
    1x500m Row (1:30 min rest)
    1x1000m Row (3 min rest)
    1x2000m Row (4 min rest)
    1x 1000m Row (3min rest)
    1x500m Row
    Score is total time AND time for each interval


16 min EMOM
Even 50 single unders
Odd 40 sec plank