Name: Mandy Singh

Hometown: Queens, NY

Age: 33

Job: Special Education Teacher

CrossFitting since: Summer 2016

Favorite WOD or movement: WOD: Angie

Least favorite WOD or movement:  Movement: Snatches

What music do you prefer to work out to? Loud music of any kind preferably hip-hop.

What’s your CrossFit routine? Ideally I want to eat a meal first before working out. It helps me to lift heavier weight. I enjoy the warm-ups before that start of the skill and WOD. I also enjoy the format of the WOD’s before the Skill. It takes away the mental buildup of the impending challenge at the end of class. 

Is CrossFit your go-to workout or do you combine with other activities?  CrossFit is my absolute go-to workout. I rely on CrossFit alone. I am able to maintain a stable weight accompanied by a balanced muscle to fat ratio. 

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? I did not have a fitness background before CrossFit other than going to the gym consistently for 1 year before joining. 

How would you describe CrossFit Prospect Heights — what has your experience here been like?  My experience at CrossFit Prospect Heights has been personalized and suitable to my individual growth. I was able to workout at my own pace and comfort level. This freedom allowed me to increase my confidence through modeling. Each day I took small risks and as a result made incremental strides based on technical conceptualization.

Anything else? I am thankful for the environment that the owners have created and continually reinforce throughout the years. CrossFit, as developed at Prospect Heights, has become an extension of who I am. Over the years I have gained an extended family. I would like to thank the team for their personal investment in overall growth, not only aerobic capacity but more importantly of the mindful development of each athlete. 

Name: Theresa Langley

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Age: 35

Job: Middle-school English Teacher

CrossFitting since: I went to the intro class Christmas Eve 2016 and have been a full-time member since January 2017.

Favorite WOD or movement: Deadlifts!!

Least favorite WOD or movement: Burpees, blah.

What music do you prefer to work out to? Loud, bass-thumping, music.

What’s your CrossFit routine? I typically work-out evenings, and weekend mornings. I’ll text Mandy and ask if she’s going to the WOD. Then I try to have a light meal about an hour before working out, to power me through the WOD. I love the warm-up routines the coaches provide. Lots of water throughout the WOD; or Garden of Life protein mix, if I’m on a meal prep cycle. I usually don’t cool-down, but I know it’s good to do so. Then I’ll have a meal after the WOD.

Is CrossFit your go-to workout or do you combine with other activities? CrossFit is my go-to workout. Sometimes I’ll get on a yoga cycle, which helps with my upper-body mobility. Every once in a while – like a long while – I’ll do some running on the side.

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? Throughout my childhood I dabbled in sports, but wasn’t an active player. As an adult, I’ve cycled through running, Zumba, dance, yoga, etc. Before joining CFPH, I was a couch potato.

How would you describe CrossFit Prospect Heights — what has your experience here been like? CFPH is the best damn fitness community I’ve ever been in. Let’s start with how sickening my body looks, muscle definition for days, and I’m strong as hell! The coaches care, they are always available to answer questions, go over movements, offer a kind word or a high-five; and the community has been responsible for so many positive moments in my life.

I love our community events, which are great ways to make connections – I started chatting with fellow athlete Priam after a WOD and that led to me switching careers. During WODs, everyone is so supportive of each other’s progress, and I love how we’re all just slightly obsessed with CrossFit. Mandy and I became friends through CFPH and the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was the second person I spoke to, after my parents; I told the coaches the following week, before telling most of my extended family. When I told fellow athlete Shannon, she worked with the coaches and other athletes to coordinate a Survivor’s WOD event around my cancer treatment. Treatment doesn’t allow me to come in as much as I used to, but the coaches and my fellow athletes are always checking on me via calls and texts. My CFPH experience has been wonderful.

Anything else? The CFPH community means so much to me. I appreciate everything the coaches have built.