Congrats Kylie on being our next Athlete of the Month

Hometown: Grew up in Maryland; NYC since 1994
Age: 42
Occupation: CFO
Crossfitting since: July 2014

Favorite WOD or Movement:

I like the one or two movement WODs the best especially if it involves the bar. I love the bar – cleans, deadlifts, back squats. I also like the Saturday WODs. It’s hard to do a Saturday WOD and not feel like a rock star at the end. Rock star on the floor maybe, but rock star nevertheless.

Least Favorite WOD or Movement:

Weighted lunges – kill me now. Blech, gross, awful. I guess that means I should do more of them. I am still afraid of jumping on the box – have to deal with that.

What music do you prefer to WOD out to?

I like to start the WOD with a little C&C Music Factory because 1992 was one of my favorite years. Just kidding J. Anything hip hop – more recent, old school, love all of that. I love our mornings where we start with jazz. If ya’ll won’t throw me out one of these days we need to include something from a Rocky soundtrack (how can you not – Heart’s On Fire, baby!).

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit?

When I was a kid I did a little track, gymnastics and horseback riding. This might be obvious but in high school I was the captain of the Pom Pom squad (YES I WAS). We danced and jumped and hopped around. That’s kind of like crossfit, no? We too loved our special shoes and sweatshirts. As an adult I ran and ran and ran. Flirted with sit ups and push ups. Ran some more. One marathons, a few half marathons.

How would you compare Crossfit/CFPH to prior gyms?

Experience at normal gym: Ugh I don’t want to go. Yay I made it, here I am. Hi treadmill. Let me check email while I’m at it. Bye treadmill. Hey maybe some pushups! I hope nobody is looking. Lady, please put some clothes on I don’t need to see all that. Oh man did you really just sit on a bench? Well I went, yippee. Box checked. Maybe I will go again this month.

Experience at CFPH: Morning! Still asleep but the jazz is nice. OMG, am I reading the board right? You’re scared too? Ok I am not alone. Now I am moving this is ok. Warm up lifts – jeez even this is heavy and now I have to add weight…hey I added weight and can still do it! Who would’ve thought. More weight? Nope. Tweak and try again. Hey I did it! WOD – here we go. One rep at a time. Keep going. Breathe. Everyone else seems to be working hard too. Oh kid ‘n play, haven’t heard that since high school! Almost done I see the light at the end of the tunnel…”F*ck yeah I did that!” What an amazing place – I would never wear a Crunch sweatshirt. But CFPH, proudly.

How did you get into CrossFit?What did you think of CrossFit before?

I broke a toe so couldn’t run, walked by, read about it and decided I needed something different. I was a skinny person for 35 years. Then I had kids and everything changed. Now my metric to strive for is Strong. This matters at all ages but really matters after you turn 40 (and this year I will celebrate by third anniversary of turning 40 J). I also relish anything where technique really matters. I had heard people say it isn’t safe. I didn’t pay that much attention – focusing on technique and leaving your ego at the door = safe steady progression. To me that is a lesson in how to live your life.

What advice do you have for people just getting started? Anything else?

Try it and then commit to going for at least three months. If you hate it after three months, fine. But at least do that if you are wanting to try. Also, “one rep at a time”…often you’ll see something on the board like “One Million Burpees For Time” and think “Hell no, let me go get a donut that sounds much better” stop yourself, attack it one rep at a time. You will finish. People will support you. And then that donut will be the best donut you’ve ever had.