Congrats Holly on being our next Athlete of the Month!

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Name: Holly Sheppard
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Age: 35
Occupation: Chef
CrossFitting: Since CFPH opened…so 6 months

Favorite WOD or Movement:
I love rowing. My favorite WOD’s are the burners. I like mixing things up in a WOD like Pull Ups/Sit Ups/Burpees kind of thing.

Least Favorite WOD or Movement:

WOD, Grace….Movement: Running… I hate repetitive movements in a WOD.

What music do you prefer to WOD out to?

Michael Jackson(Black or white, man in the mirror, the way you make me feel, all of it)/Sharam(she came along)/Arcade Fire (funeral)/Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Y control, it’s blitz (the whole album), /The Knife/Scissor Sisters/ Paul Simon Graceland (not every song but some).

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit?

I paid for a membership to the Y and would go there once every few months. Before crossfit I was eating cheeseburgers and drinking wine and wondering why I wasn’t losing weight. Duh.

How would you compare Crossfit/CFPH to prior gyms?

I think CFPH is a really special place. I can’t imagine there are many that are as great as this one. There is a wide range of skilled crossifitters that attend here but also beginners. It’s a super safe and friendly environment and that is why I’m drawn to it. I’ve never felt stupid for finishing last or pushed so hard it’s not safe. I love CF because everyone has something they are good at. The coaches are also awesome and listen to your questions and concerns. This is truly a unique cf gym because of the positive environment they’ve created.

How did you get into CrossFit?What did you think of CrossFit before?

My sister started doing it in FL and kept saying I would like it. I didn’t really know anything about CF before signing up except that it looked really hard. And it is hard and that is what I like about it. I pretty much always finish last but the fact that I finish is a feat in itself. It’s given me confidence, drive, and something to look forward to after work. I’ve also met so many great people that I would probably never meet in the outside world. It’s awesome to see everyone get better and better…

What advice do you have for people just getting started? Anything else?

To not give up. Know how far to push yourself. Keep showing up. Don’t be upset if you are last it just means more cheerleaders…and the cheering helps! Join CFPH because we are the best.