Holly Sheppard | Athlete of the Month

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Congrats Holly on being our next Athlete of the Month! Name: Holly Sheppard Hometown: Jacksonville, FL Age: 35 Occupation: Chef CrossFitting: Since CFPH opened…so 6 months Favorite WOD or Movement: I love rowing. My favorite WOD’s are the burners. I like mixing things up in a WOD like Pull Ups/Sit Ups/Burpees kind of thing. Least […]


Marcus and Jezabel​ | Athletes of the Month

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Congrats Marcus and Jezabel​ on being our Athletes of the Month Favorite WOD or Movement: Marcus: Favorite movement is anything clean related and favorite WOD is rowing Jez: Back squat – gotta keep that tushy in shape! Least Favorite WOD or Movement: M: Burpees — I mean, who actually likes them?!?!? J: Cardio! Especially those […]