Member Stories

“Been doing crossfit for roughly two years and decided to check out what was going on across the river. Checked out a few spots but could tell Crossfit Prospect Heights was the real deal after day one. It’s fun. Otherwise besides this whole workout getting in shape thing what’s the point. The coaches, programming, equipment are top notch. As are the members. They welcome everyone in with a smile and leave class with a team break as I will with this review. One..two..three… ICE CREAM!!!!” N.Strauss

“I started coming to CFPH a few months ago because I’ve always had trouble working out by myself. I would get distracted or bored and end the workout early with no real sense of accomplishment. Months and months of running the same loop around the park is pretty, but it can also get pretty monotonous. The coaches here are so supportive and fun to work with that they’ve completely changed how I view fitness. I never feel like what I’m doing is a waste of time. These workouts are intense and efficient and they’re never the same twice. Sometimes I have no idea what’s going on and the coaches are always great at explaining proper form or scaling the workout to my fitness level. I’ve gotten to know some pretty great people through CFPH too. In a lot of ways it’s also a nice reprieve from my hectic school-work life and let’s me decompress and blow off steam at the end of the day. I’ve noticed changes in my physical ability, but perhaps more importantly I’ve also noticed a mental shift: I’m more self-confident and motivated to succeed in other areas of my life. The only downside is my muscles are constantly sore, but I guess that’s a good thing. Thank you CFPH!” – Cole Murphy Hockett

“This is my happy place! Wonderful coaches, big emphasis on form, mobility and safety, challenging (but scalable!) workouts, small classes, strong community.” – Anna

“I cannot recommend this box highly enough. I was in town briefly from DC but wanted to do a WOD in my hometown. Coaches were fantastic, really helped me with form & wall ball technique. Treated really warmly by the members. My partner on our hellish WOD, Rachel, was a monster. I just wish I hadn’t slowed her down.
Excellent gym, great group, super efficient. Just wish they had more t-shirts so I can represent BK Crossfit in DC. Hope to stop in when I’m back in town.”  – D. Maxwell

“I dropped in today and it was awesome, everything I was hoping for and more. Coaches and members were super welcoming and friendly. It was a small class and had such a supportive communal vibe which is everything a good CrossFit box needs. By the end of the class it felt like I’d been going there for months! I felt so welcomed. Great facility, killer wod, awesome people. I’ll definitely be dropping in more when I visit Brooklyn again.” – A. Torea

“The coaches at CrossFit Prospect Heights are like my children. I watched them all come into the gym and grow into excellent athletes and then into excellent coaches. I am proud of them and excited for them. Good friends working out together and sharing their love of CrossFit with others makes for a wonderful environment.” – Keith Wittenstein..The only Level 3 CrossFit Coach in NYC

“I’m really, really happy so far. All of the coaches seem very invested in the clients, and they know when to scale someone down or push them a little further” – Survey Monkey response

“I love the positive/supportive environment and the emphasis on doing exercises safely and correctly. Much appreciated.” – Survey Money response

“You guys are some of the most fastiduous coaches ever” – Margaret

“You guys are a positive force in the neighborhood! Keep doing what you are doing because it is awesome.” – Shayne